Why Pool Fence vs. Other Fencing?

px-fence2A privacy fence protects your yard. A pool fence protects your family. It is nearly impossible, in this high-tech, busy world in which we live today, to have an eye on your children at all times. A pool fence gives you peace of mind that a child will be safe even if they wander unsupervised into the back yard for a few moments.

So why would you choose a pool fence over more widely known physical fences? There are several excellent reasons that a pool fence makes just good sense:

  1. A physical fence around the yard is intended to protect the yard, not specifically the pool. There is a big difference between keeping people out of your yard and keeping your loved ones out of the pool.
  2. Pool fences can be removed when they are not in use. The holes are then covered with caps, so no one will know the fence was even there. This can be very convenient for a pool party or back yard event…although it may be handy to keep it up during even that time as well.
  3. Pool fences will not rust or corrode as some physical fences may do.
  4. Your pool fence will never need painted or sanded like some physical fences .
  5. Pool fences cannot be climbed, squeezed through or crawled under if installed properly. Chain link fences especially can easily be scaled even by small children.
  6. Pool fences are also transparent, so you can always see what is going on behind them.

Finally, a pool fence may help add to your home’s resale value. Especially here in Illinois, a pool may be considered a positive or a negative to a family looking to purchase a house. A pool fence may help take away some of the negatives feelings regarding a pool, because it already has a solution to keeping young children or pets out of the pool when it is unsupervised.

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