What Is A Pool Fence?

A pool fence is a type of transparent fence placed around backyard swimming pools, to create a passive barrier to restrict the access of small children (0–5 years) to the swimming pool. Typically swimming pool fences have a self-closing and self-latching gate (or gates) to ensure there is no unsupervised access to the pool by young children.

px-interiorfenceLife Saver Pool Fence comes in fifteen foot sections which securely latch together using our Snap Safety Latches. The tension of snapping these sections together around your pool makes it difficult for even an adult to remove until that tension is released by unsnapping the latches that are located on top of the fence. Self-latching, self-closing pool gates can also be included within the enclosure to make access to your pool safe and easy.  Swimming pool gates or pool safety gates should be kept closed at all times to keep the pool secure.

Installation of a removable mesh fence involves precise measurement and holes through the decking of your deck with a core drill; in other words, not a job for the typical do-it-yourself-er. One inch diameter holes are drilled into the decking, concrete or grass around your pool. These holes are fitted with sleeves to ensure proper anchorage and fitting of the three layer solid reinforced poles that will secure your pool fence.

A pool safety fence is also removable for when there is plenty of supervision and you’d like full access to the pool. A Life Saver Pool Fence can be removed in approximately five to ten minutes and put back up in that same amount of time.

A pool fence is transparent, so you can always see what is happening behind the fence. Why have a beautiful pool in your backyard if you are going to block the view of it?
Finally, a pool fence should not be climbable, nor should a child be able to squeeze underneath it. This feature is a factor of the quality of the product and quality of installation. If the mesh is sagging or bowing, this creates enough lack of tension that could create a foothold for the child. A pool fence should never sag or gap as it defeats the purpose and is unsafe.

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