Pool Fences Keep your Pets Safe Too.

Airedale in the Pool

Are you looking for a way to keep your dog or cat out of the pool?  Are you afraid they may fall in accidentally or try to walk on the pool cover?  We can definitely help.  Life Saver Pool Fences are designed mainly with small children in mind, but they can definitely help to keep pets from going for unsupervised swims too.

Certainly some dogs can swim and love to, but others simply cannot swim and will sink quickly if in over their heads.  Dogs also run the risk (as children do) of become trapped on or in the pool cover and becoming tangled and sinking quickly.  Some dogs will swim to the point of exhaustion and just not be able to get themselves to the shallow end to get out.  Dogs needs supervision in the pool as much as children do.

Official statistics on dogs drownings and near drownings are simply not available at this time, but a quick search of the Internet shows that they are on the rise and should be a concern.  Please keep an eye on your animals as they swim too or use a pool fence (we even have special order heights for smaller dogs) or a DogWatch Hidden Fence to keep them out when you can’t be around.

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