What is a Pool Fence?
A pool fence is a type of fence placed around backyard swimming pools, to create a passive barrier to restrict the access of small children (0–5 years) to the swimming pool. Typically swimming pool fences have a self-closing and self-latching gate (or gates) to ensure there is no unsupervised access to the pool by young children. A pool fence is generally removable by an adult, transparent and not able to be scaled by young children.

What is a Pool Fence made of?
A pool fence generally consists of poles and heavy-duty transparent mesh. The sections of fence are held together with latches and ideally a pool fence includes a self-closing, self-latching gate.

Where does a Pool Fence go in your yard?
Ideally, a pool fence goes around the perimeter of the pool, leaving plenty of access to the rest of the yard. A pool fence is not intended to keep people out of the yard, but strictly out of the pool.

What is the difference in a professionally installed fence and a DIY fence?
The main difference is the level of experience and proper tools available. Installation of a pool fence is key to make sure there is no sagging in the mesh, which could create footholds for small children, thus making the fence climbable. All holes in the pool fence installation need to be done at the proper angle, depth and spacing, which takes training and practice. Improper installation could mean the pool fence does not provide the safety you need around your pool. This is definitely a job for the experts.

Does a Pool Fence meet code?
Sometimes a pool fence does meet code, but not in most cases. City codes are put in place to keep overall city residents safe, this is a purchase you make to keep your own personal family and friends safe, regardless of what government regulations tell you need done.

Pool Fence vs wood?
A wood fence around the perimeter of the pool would need staining, could cause splinters and could rot due to the water around the pool. In addition, a wood fence around the perimeter of the pool is solid and therefore not transparent and may be climbable. A Life Saver Pool Fence needs no maintenance, is removable and transparent at all times.
Pool fence vs. aluminum?
An aluminum fence around a pool is not removable, unless you permanently saw it off at the base. Depending on the type of fencing you use, aluminum may be crawled over, under or through. A Life Saver Pool fence is removable and cannot be crossed in any way by small children.

Pool fence vs. pool cover?
A pool cover is excellent for keeping debris out of your pool, but can still be a danger to young children. If they cover is not secure and people or pets fall into the pool, the cover can cause them to get tangled and drag them down. In addition, young children can drown in as little as the water that collects atop the pool cover. See this tragic story from 2014.

Why is a Pool Fence so important?
A physical fence around your yard keeps people from entering your property. A pool fence keeps your family from entering your pool when unattended, but allows them to enjoy the rest of the yard. A pool fence is important to prevent drownings.

How long does it take to set up? Take down?
A pool fence can be set up and taken down by the homeowner in as little as ten to fifteen minutes.

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