Spanning Generations

Almost 25 years ago, Mary as a child was protected by the Life Saver Pool Fence her parents had installed to keep her safe from their pool. Now, nearly a quarter-century later, she has grown up, married and had a child of her own. When they bought a home with a pool, getting a pool fence was Mary’s top priority. She was thrilled to discover that her son could be protected by the same company that her parents chose so long ago. And where is that 25 year old Life Saver Pool Fence that Mary’s parents had installed? It’s still up keeping the pool a safer place when the grandchildren come to visit. We love that we have started to hear these types of stories around the country. Not only are they a testament to the quality of our product and the stability of our company, but beyond that, it is a positive sign if families are staying loyal to our brand over multiple generations.

youtube-24 Watch: Life Saver Pool Fence Spans Generations

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