Keeping little feet on solid ground—that’s always been our goal. And the ultra-tough, ultra-durable Life Saver Pool Safety Fence will afford you great comfort in knowing that your children will remain happy and safe in your home.

Life Saver Pool Safety Fence is built in the U.S. to exceed the highest construction standards. That means that you can count on superior craftsmanship and the highest level of safety of any pool safety fence on the market. Removable pool safety fences have proven, over the past thirty years, to be the most practical and effective barrier against pool drowning short of putting up a permanent rail fence.

The concept is simple. Isolate the pool from your home and eliminate all access to the water by a small child. For the pool to be truly isolated and the barriers serve effectively, there must not be a reason to open the pool safety fence other than to use or service the pool itself. That means not having to open the pool fence to go out a screen enclosure door or into your backyard. These areas should be accessible to you without opening the swimming pool fence. The more times a fence is opened, for a reason other than to use the pool, the greater the possibility that it will be left open for whatever reason.

Life Saver Pool Safety Fence is constructed of see through, polyester mesh mounted on aluminum support poles. The fence is placed into aluminum or plastic sleeves installed into your deck surface. The bottom border of the fence material is flush to your deck so as to prevent a child from pushing under. The basic principal that keeps pool safety fence in place is bilateral tension and the fence should be checked periodically to insure that you have the benefit of its full function.